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Pandemic 2020

April 3, 2020

Miss FD - Pandemic 2020 cover artwork April 3, 2020 - The past few weeks have been incredibly heavy for all of us. We've witnessed events unfold which we couldn't have imagined we would be experiencing in our lifetimes.

Haunted by the words we've been hearing, I've created a new audio piece including some of the intense messages we have been receiving from the members of the Coronavirus Task Force.

As we struggle to process and persevere through these challenging times, I would like to clarify that this piece does not represent a political position, I created this as a memoir of the chapter of our lives we are currently living through.

Due to the content and subject matter inspiring this piece, I have opted to share this new work with you as a completely FREE DOWNLOAD.

Stay home during this time, and stay safe. Stay strong, and stay connected. We are all in this together.

Miss FD & Vulture Culture Song "New Era" Featured on "Face the Beat: Session 5"

October 26, 2019

Face the Beat 5 - Side-Line Magazine We're excited to announce that the Miss FD & Vulture Culture song "New Era" is featured on "Face the Beat: Session 5" by Side-Line Magazine.

The 87-track various artists digital compilation, released on October 26, 2019, is available now for download via Side-Line Magazine's Bandcamp. You can download your copy here.

The electro-industrial compilation and individual tracks are available as a free download. All donations made through Side-Line's Bandcamp for the Face the Beat: Session 5 compilation will be going towards the Plan International charity, which finances the education of young kids in third world countries.


1. Circumpolar - Until the End of Time
2. AD:keY - You Can't Fuck Me
3. Aesthetische - Berlin
4. Aiboforcen - In My Arms (Ocean Mix)
5. AL - Litany
6. Antibody - Secrets
7. Auger - Find My Own Way Out
8. Avarice In Audio - Trojan Horse
9. Bellhead - Fire Control (Ordinary Mammal Remix)
10. Binary Division - Netrunner
11. Bloque Del Sur - Sistema De Autoproteccio?n
12. CattaC - Hold On Your Souls
13. Chrysanth - Divine Introversion
14. Circuito Cerrado - Das Ist Laut
15. Clusters Of Fornication - Catacomb Song
16. Dark Side Eons - Using Me ... Using You
17. Dark-o-matic - Zugswang
18. Dead Mans Hill - Crossing The Abyss
19. Deadjump - Don't Blame Me (Remix)
20. Decent News - Black Box
21. Dunkeldisco - Schutzraum
22. E/lect - State Of Me
23. Electric Shock Can Kill - Fear In Your Eyes
24. Electro Fear - Halloween
25. Elezoria - I See Your Faces
26. ELM - Death Of The North (Album Version)
27. Empusa - Speed of light
28. Encrypt10n - I, Targeted Individual (i.T.i.)
29. Epiphaneia - Outcast
30. Even More - Dead Flowers (Agromix Version)
31. Fabrikmutter - Auf Und Nieder
32. Finkseye - Extinction Level Event
33. First Aid 4 Souls - Increased Sensory Perception (Album Edit)
34. H.O.W. - Happiness Imperative
35. Halo In Reverse - Thatís What It Feels Like In My Head
36. Hasswut - Die Macht
37. Human Vault - I Pray I Die
38. I Hate Fridays - Lost
39. ImJudas - Without Us You Are Nothing
40. Interzone - Burn
41. Invoke The Insult - With Me
42. Iszoloscope - Relevance Outside Logic (Backstage Rampage Remix By The Gothsicles)
43. Killerwytch - Dvnce, Ri0t, R3p3vt
44. Kilmarth - Unarth
45. KnK - Surrender
46. Lights A.M. - Dare To Live
47. Maurits Stadt - Freya's Day (Skogkatt Mix 07.12)
48. Mental Discipline - Place Where I Belong
49. Mental Exile - Renegades
50. Miranda Cartel - Echo Of Freedom
51. Miss FD & Vulture Culture - New Era
52. Mokeacchino - Electronic Insane
53. Munich Syndrome - Lies (Extended)
54. N-616 feat. F7 - In Chains (Synth Edit)
55. Neikka RPM - Into Rage
56. Niton Decay - Orbitoclast (InstruMental Cut)
57. NOIR - Pleasure To Burn (Fires Mix)
58. Non Toxique Lost - Obsolet
59. Non-Bio - Dreamstate
60. Obscure Notion - Selfish Fucks
61. Pegasus Asteroid - Distant Rock (FTB Edit)
62. Plague Called Humanity - Alive (Terminal State Remix)
63. Planetdamage - Hi Rez Lo Life
64. Psyaviah - Searching (Feat. Mari Kattman)
65. Punch Reverse - Because You Told Me
66. Purple Fog Side - Burn (Feat. C0r3 C1ty)
67. Pzytechz - Welcome To Hell
68. Reactor7X - The Circus Of False
69. Reichsfeind - Mute
70. Requiem4FM - Rain Factory (Monowaves Remix)
71. Reesonance magne?tique - Grim Cave
72. Sacha Korn - Der Ko?nig
73. Schuster - Drown
74. Shadow System - NOT User Friendly
75. Side-Order - Datenschutz
76. Stahlschlag - Assimilation
77. Studio-X - Vampire 05:07
78. Sunao Inami - Tr1_2018-0430
79. Suppressor - The Hard Way Of Suicide
80. Synapsyche - Who The Fuck Are You Now
81. Synthattack - Bring The Madness Back
82. Technoid - Fucking Useless
83. The Silverblack - Disappear
84. Third Realm - Diabolic Crush
85. Tragic Impulse - Space Force
86. Unitcode Machine - This Truth
87. Unity One - Bring The Storm

Diary of Dreams, Miss FD - Live in Tampa, FL - May 6, 2019

February 2, 2019

Diary of Dreams - Miss FD

Tampa, FL: I'll be opening up for Diary of Dreams at The Orpheum, on May 6th, 2019, with special guests Finite Automata and DJ Black.

This will be Diary of Dream's exclusive Florida show!

The Orpheum
1915 E 7th Ave, Ybor City, FL 33605

Click here for the event details.


January 20, 2019


Presenting Miss FD's t-shirts and dresses with the legendary KRAMPUS!

Limited run featuring artwork by Chandra Free! Order from: Etsy

Krampus Shirts - Miss FD

Krampus Dress - Miss FD Krampus Shirt - Miss FD

Miss FD Releases New Holiday Themed Single "Krampus Song"

November 9, 2018

Miss FD - Krampus Song cover artwork November 9th, 2018 - Just in time for the holidays, Dark Electropop music artist Miss FD releases her new Jazz influenced single "Krampus Song".

Recorded with live instruments, this playful, upbeat and jazzy Holiday themed tune is all about the Krampus!

Krampus is a companion of Saint Nicholas in Central European folklore, a figure who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved.

A fun lyric video, including artwork by renowned comic book artist Chandra Free is released along with the "Krampus Song" single.

The lyric video for Krampus Song is out now and can be seen below. The song is available worldwide on all major streaming outlets through Quantum Release Records. You can download "Krampus Song" from iTunes.

New Single Release for October 2018!

September 16, 2018

Miss FD (feat. Vulture Culture) Exciting news!

New Miss FD + Vulture Culture collaboration song "Ashes of Stars" drops October 5th, 2018. Check out our IG stories to get sneak peeks! IG: missfdmusic & vulture_cult.