Miss FD Dark Electronic - Dark Techno and Cyberpunk Music


Miss FD is a dark electronic music artist, singer, songwriter, producer and performer. The project began in 2009 captivating audiences from the dark music world with a unique combination of haunting yet upbeat music, thoughtful lyrics, and mysterious and sensual vocals.

Miss FD released her debut album, Monsters in the Industry, in 2010. From this album, the track "Enter the Void" led to the launch of Miss FD's first official music video.

2011 brought the debut of Love Never Dies, a haunting exploration of mourning, pain, and despair. Like its predecessor, the album received a wave of positive reviews, declaring it "wonderfully beguiling" and "sheer musical artistry".

FD's work has been featured in multiple EBM and dark electronic music compilations.

In 2013 Miss FD released her 3rd studio album, Comfort for the Desolate.

Her 4th studio album, Transcendence, released in March 2018. Transcendence features seven compositions written and performed by Miss FD, and includes collaborations with Vulture Culture and Robert Dante. The opening track "Despair" is also featured in a new music video directed by Chad Michael Ward.

Miss FD has recently released several new singles, including collaboration tracks with Vulture Culture: Ashes of Stars in 2018 and Spitfire in 2019.

Her most recent release is her Adore EP in 2021, inspired by fitness training, flow movement, and pole dance choreography.