Miss FD - Cyber-Industrial Music Single SYNDICATED - Electronic Industrial Music


Dark music for dark hearts.

Miss FD is an underground dark electronic music artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and performer.

Her distinctive musical style blends darkwave, cyberpunk, industrial, and dark synthpop influences, complemented by her signature dynamic vocals which range from ethereal to empowering and edgy.

With a discography spanning multiple albums and collaborations, Miss FD's most recent releases underscore her commitment to the dark electronic music scene. Her 2021 three-song EP Adore, followed by her single Your Core, showcase futuristic and cyberpunk elements. 2022 witnessed the release of her exploration of Gobekli Tepe in her three-song dark pop EP, As Above, So Below, followed by her cyberpunk single Menticide released the same year. Miss FD released her cyber-industrial single and cinematic music video for "Distractions" in 2023, followed by her most recent 2024 single release "Syndicated".

Miss FD has also released several collaboration tracks with Vulture Culture: : Ashes of Stars in 2018, Spitfire in 2019, and Faster Than Light in 2020, and their latest dark EDM collaboration Enough released in 2024.